Can 6 tricks really help you learn acoustic guitar songs quicker...and easier?
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Get FREE video access to 6 tricks that show how easy it is to learn acoustic guitar.  These easy techniques make a huge difference as you learn to strum you can START PLAYING MORE SONGS and SOUND SWEETER in no-time. 

(even if you're a total beginner...just see below)
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What my students are saying...
"Josh is a very patient teacher and he always pushed me to do my very best.  He is very good at assessing where the student is in their development, and he clearly shows how certain fundamentals will lead to maximum performance and success."
- Jeffrey McAndrew, student
"Never having picked up a guitar I was a true beginner and took guitar lessons with Josh. He has incredible patience and can teach any talent level.  He showed me how to get the most out of my ability and practice time. Almost right away I was learning songs I've wanted to learn for years!  You should definitely give him an opportunity to teach you."
- Jim Vanherwynnen, student
"Josh always listened to my input as a student and was extremely open with the direction I personally wanted to take.  He gave me a great foundation, was so enjoyable to learn from, and I would recommend his services in a heartbeat."
- Isaac Stolzer, student
"I started taking guitar lessons from Josh with no prior musical background. Today though, I can learn and play a ton of different songs. But it's all because of the way Josh explained things. I still use the techniques he taught me whenever I pick up my guitar and I'm so glad I know how, because guitar is SUCH an awesome instrument to play!"
- Mitchell Vanherwynnen, student
"Joshua Krueger played a vital role in my development as a guitarist. Unsure of my ability to learn, I began lessons with him as a novice. Over a short period of time, Josh helped me grow in my ability to read sheet music, play many different songs, and even learn how to play a song just by hearing it. Josh frequently sought to help me express my creativity, which has ultimately left me with lifelong musical capabilities.

Josh helped me understand how playing guitar works as a whole. Without that, I would not have been able to retain my ability to play guitar to this day.  I am confident that Josh’s musical expertise will benefit anyone who seeks his instruction."
- Jonathan Schultz, student
Hi, my name is Joshua Daniel Krueger...

Although many people just simply call me Josh...or JDK.  Take your pick!  Either way, that's me when I got my first guitar at 10 years old...and 22 years later I'm glad I can welcome you to my little website!

I’ve spent the last 15 years helping tons of students just like you drastically get better at guitar.  The tricks aren't that hard...but you just need to know 'em.  Which means if you’ve been struggling with guitar and thinking things like…

...Strumming along with songs is NOT EASY.

....My fingers CAN'T SWITCH between guitar chords. 

...Learning guitar is FRUSTRATING and confusing. 

...Am I even using the right technique?? 

Then you’re in the right place.

Because today, in exchange for telling me a little bit about your situation and how I might be able to help you, I'd like to give you FREE instant access to my "Chord-Playing Quick Start Kit" (a $47 value).

Here's what you'll get INSTANT access to, when you claim your free kit:

6 Crazy-Easy Chord-Crushing Tricks

In this PDF action guide, I use photos and step-by-step tips to show how to take advantage of 6 crazy-easy tricks that make a big difference when learning to play chords and songs.   These made a HUGE difference not only for me, but also helped my students get better...quicker. 

Chord-Strumming VIDEO Training

In this video training session, you’ll see exactly how to perform a lot of the tips that are in my Chord-Playing well as which mistakes that most beginner players make.  You'll be able to start focusing on the right stuff, and finally know which stuff to avoid...
  It takes only 30 seconds and we promise never to sell or SPAM your email address.
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